Michelle is my 4th Realtor since she was only in Elementary/High School when we purchased our 1st, 2nd and 3rd property. We bought this PRE-SALE CONDOMINIUM for our SON, and Michelle was very patient throughout this process. She is very responsible, organized , respectful, honest and she valued our opinions. Her service is 110% and beyond, and I am really happy and satisfied with her service. I highly recommend MICHELLE to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property. EXCELLENT JOB, Michelle!
~ Flor Lim

As a first-time home buyer, we are very satisfied with the service provided by Michelle. We found a home that we liked. She is professional and efficient. We highly recommend her.
~ Jessriel and Minmin Namit

As a first-time home buyer, the decision to purchase a new place can be an overwhelming and often confusing one when dealing with minutes, depreciation reports, fees, and other things that I do not understand. Working with Michelle was a Godsend, as she was able to decipher the true meaning of the documents of some of the places I was interested in, and help me make informed decisions about the commitment I was ready to make. She pointed things out about a property that I had not considered and saved me from making a regrettable decision on properties I was previously interested in. When we found the place I knew I wanted, Michelle was there to ensure constant communication with the sellers and was always quick to respond as she knows how quickly real-estate can move in a hot market, all while ensuring I understood the minutes and other documents to make an informed decision. Thanks to Michelle I am now in a beautiful loft and she confidently guided me through the entire process.
~ Jim Stefanou

We thank you so very much for all your patience, understanding and assistance to help us find our lovely home. As a first time home buyer, you went the extra mile to ensure that we fully understood the process and clear up any doubts that we had. You never showed tiredness in your face looking for a perfect place for us. You did an excellent job during viewing to thoroughly check all aspects of the home and ask all the important questions. Most of all, you always smile and very professional. We would strongly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a new home. Siminig Family.
~ Siminig Family

Working with you these last few weeks with our house hunting was an amazing experience. At first due to the time constraints of finding one I really feel the stress but you quickly get to know us, what we want/prefer and with your expertise and knowledge you guide us through with the pros and cons of all our options. You're very professional and punctual when working with us and it seems you don't get tired and always been enthusiastic in answering all our questions and needed information (almost 24 hour a day) even in a very trying situation, you handled it well professionally:) You definitely turn our stressful situation into a fun and exciting experience and we're happy with our decision of finding our new home. Again thank you very much and we highly recommend you to our family, friends and anyone that would benefit your help.
~ Erna and Efren Perada